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Clone Tycoon 2 ADMIN GUI - Ultraw's POV

A very good Admin GUI for clone Tycoon 2, with this GUI you can kick, Ban, Give cash and gems. This is the best GUI for this game.

Clone Tycoon 2 ADMIN GUI - Ultraw's POV


Players -
  Moderation -
        Kick Player
        Serverban Player
        UnServerban Id (UserId)
 Leaderstats -
        Select Player
        Edit Gems, CashStat to -99999999, 99999999Value
  Ore Storage -
        Select Player
        Edit Stone, Coal, Iron, Gold, DiamondsOre to -99999999, 99999999Value
 Tycoons -
        Select Tycoon
        Edit GemsPerMinute, NumClones, OreStorage, CashPerKillTycoon Stat to -99999999, 99999999Value
        Edit Durability, SpeedClone Stat to -99999999, 99999999Value
        Spawn Giant without charging (Only for your own tycoon)
 Extras -
        Select Player
        Edit Fight Mode to false, trueValue
        Toggle if LavaLair world is completed
        Toggle if PlanetI world is completed
  Client | Gamepasses -
        Give Faster Vehicles gamepass (Increases vehicle speed limit from 16 to 50)

Backpack -
    Weapons -
        Get Classic Sword, Steel Sword, Xanwood Katana, Spear, Galactic Axe, Energy Sword, Darkheart, Diamond Sword, Rainbow Periastron, Epic Blue Sword, Ghostfire SwordMelee
        Get Classic, Stone, Reinforced, Gold, Diamond, RainbowPickaxe
    Potions -
        Get Random, Gravity, Wacky, Nightmare, PacePotion

Miscellaneous -
    Codes -
        Redeem current codes

Fun -
    Delete Sky, Map, Observatory, Tycoons, SpawnersObject

Settings -
    Edit UI toggle keybind

Many many more!