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Crab Game Hacks Undetected Free

Free Crab Game Cheat Menu Hack v1.36 Internal MobWare – Crab Game Hack

Free Crab Game Cheat Menu Hack v1.36 Internal MobWare – Crab Game Hack

Free Crab Game Cheat Menu Hack has Godmode, ESP Hack, Noclip, No Slap Cooldown, Fly Hack and many more features that you can Download nowYou might have noticed a growth in the amount of Crab Game Hacks on the internet overall and on our website, the ones that we post. That is because the game is becoming more popular every single day (mostly because of Twitch streamers) and the game itself actually has a pretty bad anti cheat system and as you might be familiar with the most of the trainer cheats that we post, this one also works with BepInEx which I will explain further down below in the How to Use section

Free Crab Game Cheat Menu Hack Features

  • God-Mode
  • Anti-Slap-Knockback
  • Player ESP
  • Breaking Platforms ESP
  • Different Fly-Modes and Fly-Speed Settings
  • Multijump and Jump Height Settings
  • No Slap-Cooldown
  • MEGA-Slap
  • Teleport to last saved Position
  • Right-Click Teleport
  • Fly Noclip
  • Items/Weapons Menu
  • Player-Speed Setting
  • Save Position & Teleport back
  • Keybinds for most Features

New Version How to use – Crab Game Free Cheat?

  1. Open ProcessHacker or your favourite injector and select the process “Crab Game.exe”
  2. Inject and then press “INS” for open the gui.

ChangeLogs For Crab Game Hack:

  • Added seperate option to enable/disable slap cooldown
  • Added Platform(Glass Maps) & PlayerChams
  • Added Break all breakable “Glass” on Glass-Maps
  • Improved Anti-Knockback
  • Changed UI Color
  • Other small Fixes

Developer Note for Mobware Crab Game Hack :

I’m releasing my crabgame internal cheat since I did another one external (currently private for have some fun with my friends).
It’s updated to the latest version (1.352).

Archive Password: 123