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Phasmophobia Hacks Undetected Free

Phasmophobia Project Rencify Hack Free Download Best 2021 | Phas v0.4.1.1

Phasmophobia Project Rencify Hack Free Download Best 2021 | Phas v0.4.1.1

Phasmophobia Project Rencify Hack is an internal menu with advanced opetions including Player & Ghost ESP, Trolling Features any many more…

Phasmophobia, a great ghost hunting, crime investigating horror game that can be played with friends and family with its multiplayer game mode. But what game is fun without using cheats? Well, maybe single player games but you get the point. With this Phasmophobia Project Rencify Hack, you will have access to pretty much evey single cheat feature you have seen in other phasmophobia hacks. It has a really modern GUI which uses ImGUI DX11 hook with very modern animations as well.

How to Use Phasmophobia Project Rencify Hack

  1. Download the Phasmophobia Cheat
  2. Extract the dll from the archive
  3. Download an injector from our website
  4. Start Phasmophobia
  5. Inject the dll into the game
  6. Press Insert [INS] to toggle the menu

Phasmophobia Project Rencify Hack Features

  • Lobby tab
    • Force Start Game (Must be host and have selected card)
    • Check who is the host
  • Player Tab
    • change name
    • Object Distance (Grab & Throw Distance Modifiers)
    • Infinite perseverance
    • Field of view changer
    • Go through doors
    • Suicide
    • Interact while dead (only works properly if you use suicide first)
  • ESP Tab
    • Player ESP
    • Ghost ESP
    • Ouija ESP
    • Bone ESP
    • Fuse ESP
    • RGB color changer (cause why the hell not)
  • Troll Tab (Please don’t ruin the game for others, be smart with it)
    • Ghost notes
    • Move prop
    • Move door
    • Ghost event
    • Soundboard (Fake Ghost Event, Locked Door, Unlocked Door)
    • Ghost Information Window (Displays ghost information and the target of the banshee if the ghost is a banshee)
    • Mission Information (Shows mission information and you can complete / complete missions, but they will not be shown on other’s screen)
    • Ghost Hunt Notification (Appears when the ghost is on the hunt and has stopped hunting)
    • “Hotkeys” tab (changing hotkeys for various functions, etc.)
    • +Themes tab (change the color of the menu design using presets or customize your own)


Archive Password: 123