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Fishing Planet Best Free Hack | v4.1

Fishing Planet Best Free Hack | v4.1

Hello dear Ninja followers, I will introduce and show you a nice Fishing Planet Best Free Hack in the Fishing Planet game.

FishHAXZ is one of the best cheats on the market. It will increase your game experience with extremely useful and many features and will make you play the game more easily.Fishing Planet is a fishing simulation game. You live your own character in a fisherman’s world. You are catching fish and trying to survive. It’s a fun and demanding game. Sometimes you can catch bad and worthless fish, and sometimes you can catch quality and expensive fish.

Your fishing bait and other features are among the features that affect the fish, because quality fish are caught with quality fishing lines. You need strong fishing rods to withstand big and heavy things. You are patiently waiting for the fish to be caught in a pond with your boat. This is where cheating comes into play and makes your job even easier. It makes you superior to normal players. The cheat is reliable and convenient.

We offer content in the style of Free Fishing Planet hack and cheat for you on our site, don’t forget to check out other games.

How To Run Fishing Planet Best Free Hack

  1. Note: This hack only works for the Steam release of Fishing Planet.
  2. Download the FishHAXZ_v4.rar file
  3. Extract it wherever you like on your computer
  4. Start Fishing Planet
  5. Make sure you have the most up to date injeciton.bin file.
  6. Make sure injeciton.bin is in the same folder as FishHAXZ.exe
  7. Start the hack when the game is running, and press any key to inject (it may take a minute depending on your cpu).
  8. You may close the injector when it is finished.
  9. Have fun catching them big fishes ?


  • Added ESP hack (shows length, weight, and fish type)
  • Added disable water render hack
  • Fixed boundary issues with flyhack after 3.12.8 update
  • Fixed game crashing when ESP is on in pause menu


  • Working for update 4.0.x
  • New backend for quicker and easier updates in the future
  • Potential fix for some users’ systems being unable to find a module and giving “Error: Hook x not found…”
  • New feature: Place a Rod Pod anywhere (Do not use Rod Pods high above the ground)
  • You can now Flyhack and walk in the water without having a line cast
  • Can no long bind hacks to controller or mouse buttons (The game changed the input system so it’ll be more work to use them)

Don’t forget to enjoy the Fishing Planet Best Free Hack. good games.

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