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Phasmophobia Hacks Undetected Free

Free Phasmophobia Cheat – Table for

Free Phasmophobia Cheat – Table for

With the Free Phasmophobia Cheat, you will not have any difficulties while completing the chapters and tasks in the game. Thanks to its features, it gives you superhuman powers. You can pass the maps in the game without stopping without getting tired and by giving up most of the physics rules. You can finish the game easily and quickly. Since the cheat has so many features, I have mentioned all of them below. It can be downloaded easily. You can easily install it by following the steps below. You can browse other Free Phasmophobia Hack and Cheat content on our site.

Lobby Cheats for Free Phasmophobia Cheat:

  • Hoop score hook
  • Item store buy hack
  • Item store sell hack
  • All buttons pressable when not host
  • Server info hook

In-Game Free Phasmophobia Cheat:

  • Flashlights/Glowstick control hook
  • 4-slot inventory
  • Infinite pictures
  • Rapid photos
  • Infinite smudge stick uses (host only)
  • Infinite salt (only 9 visible spots max)
  • Team sanity
  • Player sanity
  • Visible ghost flicker (may not be displayed correctly)
  • Fully visible ghost (https://i.ibb.co/bNtqTpD/Screenshot-4.png)
  • Ghost info/player room
  • Ghost hunt (may not work correctly)
  • Ghost speed
  • Cursed items anti break (host only)
  • Cursed items (show which ones are present on the map)
  • Fuse box always starts turned on
  • Power & light info
  • After mission EXP reward
  • Mission info
  • Evidence controller
  • Player & Ghost’s current room (real-time)
  • Setup phase info (truck)

Use Anywhere Cheats:

  • Player coordinates hook
  • Infinite stamina
  • Walk/Sprint hook
  • Throw strength hook
  • Reach distance hook
  • Truck keypad – force end mission (host only)
  • Hunt anti-close door (host only)
  • Force pikup items when dead
  • God mode (will respawn instantly after dying) (after death you can’t take more than one item, you have to include 4 slots in the table. Thanks barringhton)
Archive Password: 123