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CounterStrike Source Cheat – ZE Elite Private

CounterStrike Source Cheat – ZE Elite Private

CounterStrike Source Cheat – ZE Elite Private Free Hack

Hello dear Cheater.ninja members and visitors, I would like to introduce you to a constantly updated hack for CounterStrike Source Cheat. This CS:Source hack is completely safe and UNDETECTED. Many developers came together for this cheat and offered us CounterStrike Source Cheat for free. Don’t forget to leave a thank you note for the developers in the comments. Cheater.Ninja remains the safest and best cheat site among free cheat sites.

Features for CounterStrike Source Cheat:

Let’s take a look at what kind of benefits you can get with the CS:Source Cheat. Our cheat is called Ze-Elite and it’s a really special hack. Forget the risk of getting banned. But you can still try to use our CSGO VacBypass that we offer for you free of charge. As seen in the image, many features come with the ZE-Elite cheat for you.


How to Use – CounterStrike Source Cheat

  1. Download rar (Red Button at the end of the article)
  2. Open game
  3. Download injector – Click here to download the injector
  4. Open injector
  5. Add ZE-Elite.dll the injector and inject
  6. Enjoy
  7. Join Ninja Discord Server : https://dsc.gg/cheater

Change log for CounterStrike Source Cheat :


– Minor Crash Causes.

– ESP Fonts On Screen Size Change.

– VoiceChat not saving/loading keybinds.

– Disable Players Flashlight On Local Player.

– Aimbot not working after the first disconnect.


– Triggerbot Friendly-Fire.

– 11 Hitboxes for aimbot. total is 15.

– Little Anti-Cheat Aimbot Detector Bypass.

– Dropped Weapons ESP: [Box, Name, Snapline].



– Unlock Convars On Startup.

– Anti-SMAC Bypass (Replaced With LAC Bypass).

Important P.S: Don’t use server side slient option on a server that uses smac or LAC, or you will get banned.

Archive Password: 123